Who are we?

The Church has developed an image of authority as a masculine figure and submission as a feminine figure.

Our motivation

We wanted to understand the mechanisms underlying the ongoing discrimination of women in society and in religion. This led us to question how the Catholic Church is still a matrix of patriarchal stereotypes.
We systematically questioned taboo subjects within the Church: sexuality, the non-recognition of women, the absolute power of the Pope, the sacred status of priests, …
Our method consisted of reviewing official texts of the Church, which have determined society’s thinking on gender and symbolical representations of gender and power.

Maud Amandier is a journalist. She worked for a long time in Christian and social media.
Alice Chablis is an artist and teacher. A Biblical scholar, she worked as a chaplain in prestigious higher education institutions in France.

Maud Amandier and Alice Chablis are the pen names of Agnès de Préville and Sabine Sauret.